BitherCash Merchant's services

Terms and Conditions For Merchants:

  1. This is a binding contractual agreement between BitherCash BlockChain Technology Cloud Services and Data Center Providers Co. LLC and Merchants. This legal agreement will be null and void if the following conditions are not met:
    1. Merchant must be registered as a legal entity within their country.
    2. Exclusivity - You will tender to us Transaction Data generated from all your Transactions via electronic data transmission according to our formats and procedures. You will not use the services of any bank, corporation, entity, or person other than BitherCash for authorization or processing of Transaction Data throughout the term of this Agreement.
    3. Merchants to promote BitherCash user to pay 100% of the invoice amount in BitherCash Coins.
    4. Each Payment Transaction and Conveyed Transaction must be evidenced by a single Transaction Data record completed with (i) the transaction date; (ii) a brief description of the goods or services sold, returned, or canceled; (iii) the price of the goods or services, including applicable taxes, or amount of any credit or adjustment; (iv) the Customer name; (v) your name in a manner recognizable to Customers; (vi) your address; (vii) a customer service telephone number; (viii) any applicable terms and conditions; and (ix) any other information that the applicable Payment Brand may require.
    5. You shall not impose any surcharge or finance charge on a Payment Transaction or Conveyed Transaction or otherwise require the Customer to pay any fees payable by you under this Agreement if prohibited by the applicable Payment Brand. You shall not engage in any practice that unfavorably discriminates against or provides unequal treatment of the use of any Payment Brand over any other Payment Brand.
    6. You shall not set a dollar amount above or below which you refuse to honor otherwise valid Payment Instruments in violation of Payment Brand Rules. With respect to any Payment Transaction or Conveyed Transaction for which the Payment Instrument being used is not physically presented, such as in any on-line, mail, telephone, or pre-authorized transaction, you must (i) have notified BitherCash on your application or otherwise in writing of your intention to conduct such transactions and secured our agreement to accept them; and (ii) have reasonable procedures in place to ensure that each Transaction is made to a purchaser who actually is the Customer.
    7. Merchant to provide additional discount for BitherCash registers users (as per the agreement with BitherCash Management).
    8. Merchant to deliver the Goods and Services within Seven (7) business days (after the payment confirmation) to BitherCash users within the same country
    9. Any order purchased by BitherCash user within neighboring countries will be delivered within Ten (10) business days.
    10. Any order purchased by BitherCash user outside of Geographical proximity will be delivered within thirty (30) days.
    11. Disclosure of Refund Policy: Merchants are required to maintain a fair policy with regard to the return/cancellation of merchandise or services and adjustment of Transactions. Merchants are required to disclose your return/cancellation policy to BitherCash on your application. Your return/cancellation policy must be disclosed to your customers.
    12. Changes to Merchant’s Policy: Any change in your return/cancellation policy must be submitted in writing to us not less than 14 days prior to the effective date of such change. We reserve the right to refuse to process any Transaction Data made subject to a revised return/cancellation policy of which we have not been notified in advance.
    13. Procedure for Refunds/Adjustments: If merchant’s allow a price adjustment, return of merchandise, or cancellation of services in connection with a Payment Transaction, you will prepare and deliver to us Transaction Data reflecting such refund or adjustment within 3 days of receiving the Customer’s request for such refund/adjustment.
    14. The amount of the refund/adjustment cannot exceed the amount shown as the total on the original Transaction Data except by the exact amount required to reimburse the Customer for postage that the Customer paid to return merchandise. You are not allowed to accept cash or any other payment or consideration from a Customer in return for preparing a refund to be deposited to the Customer’s account; nor may you give cash refunds to a Customer in connection with a Payment Transaction, unless required by law.
    15. Merchant must provide copy of an invoice to both BitherCash and BitherCash customer. Invoice copy must be emailed at ico@bitherCash.com
    16. Any order confirmation over $1000, must be approved by BitherCash management. An email needs to be sent by Merchant to for instant ico@bitherCash.com approval.
  2. Payment option (Liquidity) - Below are all the possible options available to the Merchants if they wish to liquidate their BitherCash coins:
    1. Merchants can sell their coins at BitherCash Exchange (www.Bitherx.com) at market price.
    2. Merchants can sell their coins to existing BitherCash users at the market price.
    3. In an event the merchants wish to liquidate their BitherCash coins the same day, they will need to produce the invoice of the product sold. BitherCash will provide them BTC or Fiat (in their local currency) upon successful validation of the invoices. These invoices needs to be sent to the email address provided as part of this agreement along with other necessary details such as Date of the Sale, Item SKU, Order Number, Name of Merchant etc.
    4. Merchants have an option to use BitherCash coins as Store of Value and hold off on selling them to take full advantage of value appreciation.

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