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A better and secured future via principles of Pure Staking


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BitherCash: "To give investors a better and secured future via principles of Pure Staking."

BitherCash empowers investors to grow their capital via a blockchain powered investment system. This revolutionary opportunity will change the entire investment industry. At the core if it all is the concept of "Pure Staking".

BitherCash Coin

BitherCash coin is scrypt based hybrid (PoW + PoS) coin. It is decentralized cryptocurrency for P2P payments and BitherCash investment portal. Below are details of BitherCash coin.

  • Algorithm: SCrypt
  • Ticker: BEC
  • Total Supply: 55 Million
  • Pre Mined: 8.25 Million
  • Mining: Hybrid (PoW+PoS)
  • PoW Block Reward: 10 BEC
  • Block Spacing: 2 Min
  • Annual PoS Interest: 2%
  • Minimum Stake Age: 7 Days
  • Maximum Stake Age: 90 Days
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Initial coin offering (ICO) is type of crowdfunding via use of cryptocurrency, It is secure and transparent mechanism which allows BitherCash to issues digital shares (Tokens) in exchange for investments.
ICO duration will be from 5 Dec 2017 through 19 Jan 2018 or when ICO quota of 5.5 Million is reached (whichever comes first).
Users need to register on BitherCash token sale platform. Accepted mode of payments are BTC or ETH.
Initial price of BEC tokens will be $ 0.55 for 48 Hours Crowd Sale. Then it will be $ 0.65 for first week and increment of $ 0.10 for every week up to 5 weeks. Total ICO time is 45 Days.

During ICO you can buy BEC tokens at a lower price. After ICO you can redeem your tokens for BEC coins in your BEC wallet. Main advantage of BitherCash is their BEC lending portal, investors can invest in BEC lending portal and earn profits through a.) Interests on their investment and b.) When BEC appreciates in value.

Given that the demand will be higher in few months, it is advisable to purchase BEC tokens at low cost during ICO period.

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